Ceramic Shield is the latest technology designed to Lubricate, Clean and Protect all firearms while shooting.

Deeply penetrates to reduce friction and increase reliability. Smoother cycling and easier wipedown.
Gas Systems
Pressure activated formula reduces build up to service and preserve all gas systems.
Trigger Group
Protects, cleans and lubricates your trigger system without disassembly.
Magazine and Feed
Lubricates and cleans magazine and components to lower FTF issues.

Superior Coating

NanoCeramic Technology

  • Extremely high lubricity factor
  • Long Lasting penetrating bond
  • Bonds to all firearm and suppressor parts
  • Repels particulates, lowers wear
  • Reduces friction, increases reliability
  • Creates a barrier for easy wipe off
  • Hydrophobic rust prevention
  • Safe on all metals, plastics, and wood
  • PH neutral

Suppressor &

Mounting Systems

Quiet report by up to 15 dB as tested on pistol calibers; when used as directed in our how to video.
Lubricate internals, pistons, and mounts preventing carbon lock for easier removal.
Clean suppressors and firearms as you shoot with our pressure activated formula.
Protect with heat activated nano-ceramic coating for an easy wipe down cleanup.

See our How To video to learn how to get the most out of your suppressor.


About Us

To solve problems shooting suppressed, from carbon lockup to blowback induced fouling and jams, we tested the latest technologies. Years of development have led us to an entirely new way to quiet, lubricate, clean and protect all Firearms and Suppressors.

All our products are made in Texas and backed by Texas pride and tradition.

Please contact us with any questions and we can showcase our famous hospitality.



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